These cold and snowy winter days are good for home projects. Today, we finished a new coat rack made from re-purposed jars.

Our hallway coat rack used to be a simple white board with metal hooks. Totally ugly and only semi functional. We would pile coats, dog leashes, bike helmets, grocery bags, and whatever else on top of it just to hide it. It made the end of our hallway a dark pile. So, we took it down and repainted the wall using ecological paint from here.

Then Brett attached jar lids with anchors and caulk to the wall in a sporadic pattern. This is something he started doing back in his Chicago apartment.

I like looking at the jars without anything on them. The light on the glass and the fresh coat of paint made the hall super bright, but the jars were put up for a purpose. Here is the finished jar coat rack in action:

So much better…yeah, fresh paint and re-purposed jars!

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