I am happy to announce that I was recently invited to write an essay for the magazine Kindling Quarterly, which reflects on contemporary fatherhood. My essay titled “The Spacing of Parental Values” is now out in the magazine’s fourth issue.

My essay focuses on how city planning and city space use can shape how people parent and the value systems associated with raising children in an urban setting, in this case Copenhagen, our home base. I was interested in how some cities make space for children in their infrastructure and planning, while this is only an afterthought in other locations, and how this can affect the daily life of both parents and non-parents. The essay also spends time reflecting on how Bonnie and I, both artists, raise our daughter in a household that seeks to creatively reduce consumption and instill values that are counter to consumer society. Finally, I spend some time reflecting on the pressures of being an immigrant and how this effects how I see myself as a parent.

As you can probably guess I have packed  a lot into this essay. You can read more by downloading it below.

Printed copies of the magazine are available online and in selected stores.

Download the essay here: The Spacing of Parental Values


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