Here is this weekend’s experiment with tofu. We used both lime and lemon juice as the coagulant to make the soy milk curdle.

We are very happy that spring is upon us and couldn’t resist using a couple of flower pots to both shape and press the tofu. First we put the cheese cloth into the pot and to our press. We then put whole chive blades in bending them in half so that the middle of each was in the bottom of the pot or the press.

We slowly spooned the bean curd into both molds making sure not to knock over the chives. Once the curd was close to the top, we folded the chives inward, put more curd on top, folded the cheese cloth over and began to apply pressure.

[Click on the image to see the full photograph.] The tofu block on the left was pressed using our regular press and heavy duty clamps so a lot pressure was put on it. This, plus the heat of the curd, flattened the chives and fused them to the tofu. The block on the right was pressed by hand and weighted down by heavy objects from the kitchen. Not all the chives were fused to the tofu. They remained in tact, however, because they were folded into the curd.

Here is the tofu cubed and ready to be marinated. This was the best batch of tofu yet!

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