This week’s tofu pressing includes dandelion greens from the neighborhood, Lichtenberg, we are staying in here in Berlin, and ginger. We have been looking for ways to get a better sense of where we are in relation to the local ecology and how people use their city spaces. Gathering dandelions is a good way to learn a lot about city space use. Almost all green space, from parks to vacant lots to the green spaces along sidewalks, is heavily used by people and their dogs. It was a challenge to find dandelions that were not in these trampled overly used areas and a little away from them.

To prepare  dandelions and ginger for the pressing, we boiled the dandelions until they wilt a little then drained the water. This helps remove the bitterness of the dandelions. We then put in new water and the ginger, which was cut into long thin strips.  We brought the water to boiling for a minute or two, just enough to make the ginger supple.

Boiled dandelions and ginger in our press.

Our press in action.

There is a nice dandelion mural visible out our back window that is almost ruined by the annoying placement of the sponsor’s logo.

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