This Friday Connect is dedicated to artists making work about and with water, specifically in relation to current pressures exerted on water supplies by global climate change, destructive resource extraction, the production of commodities and so on.

Surface Tension, an ambitious exhibition presenting artists who use water in their art, or who are making projects about water issues, includes our friend and fellow Copenhagener, Mary Coble.  Coble’s durational performance maps a city area through water supply highlighting water quality issues in the process. You can download it here: PDF.

“LAKE-EFFECT is a series of projects investigating the history, culture and life of the Great Lakes”

Several of our friends contributed to this catalog for an exhibition organized by Dylan Miner, a member of the Justseeds cooperative, in Michigan. This publication is really beautiful and includes the work of indigenous persons, some of our compatriots from the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor, and others whose works thinks critically about the Great Lakes region, what Dylan reminds us should properly be called “Anishinaabewaki.” Download the PDF.

Vlatka Horvat, “This Here and That There,” an 8-hour performance in the Los Angeles River presented by Outpost for Contemporary Art, 2010. Click here for more images of this beautiful performance.

One last link, and it is for a current show, up until January 2013, that looks really interesting. It is called Facing the Sublime in Water, CA at the Armory Arts Center in Pasadena. The exhibition includes Nicole Antebi, an artist who has been working with issues around water in California and is one of the folks behind the amazing project Water, CA. The exhibition is described thusly:

Facing the Sublime in Water, CA offers metaphors – both explicit and implicit – for the timeless idea that constraints and desperation can provide constructive applications and outcomes – unexpected or not – in a variety of social, political, and personal contexts. Whether accidentally or on purpose, constraints can make an idea, an action, or an object fluid. That conflict is at the core of the content of this show.

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