Halloween struck in the Mythological Quarter last night.

We started off with a pumpkin carving workshop at YNKB , a long time art space in the MQ run by a large network of artists. It is an open cultural space that hosts sporadic art shows, talks, screenings, and events.

Several families came out to make some ‘jack-0-lanterns.’ We shared apple cake and hot cider. We even got some ‘trick-or-treaters’–a couple of rockers, a witch, and a wizard.

Ada and I had costumes.

I was a strawberry (out of season fruit is always scary) and Ada was a Wilderman of the Mythological Quarter.  Brett made her costume after becoming inspired by Charles Fréger‘s photographs of “wilder mann,” ritualistic costumes from around European farming communities. Men dress up as strange beasts using fur, plants, ribbons, and masks with exaggerated features as part of ancient pagan rituals to celebrate and acknowledge the life cycle–birth, death, fertility, etc. Fréger traveled from Finland to Spain documenting these costumes.  So, for Ada’s first Halloween she is decked out in ritualistic pagan fashion.

Later in the evening, we went over to Astrid Noacks Atelier for a concert with Shelley Short and Darren Hanlon. More images of that special event coming soon.

Thanks to the Røde Rose Kaffebar for loaning their hotpot for the cider.

It was a happy Halloween connecting neighborhood cultural institutions with friends and family.


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