BaNanna Park is the result of Mythological Quarter community members working together to save an empty lot from commercial development. The park sits on Nannasgade on a former brownfield site. It is close to several schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, and after school clubs, whose children regularly used the area before it was BaNanna Park. In fact, it was staff from Rådmansgade School and local parents who petitioned to the city to save the empty lot from developers. Opening in 2010, the lot got a face lift from local architects and a
humorous new name–which comes both from the street it sits on and the fact that there is a giant banana in the park. We walk through the park several times a week, year round. This weekend I took a walk around BaNanna after a snow fall, and though the giant banana was rendered invisible,  I was able to capture some local color.


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