We have often written and talked about our interest in the Living Structures of radical architect, Ken Isaacs. His Matrix system has inspired many aspects of our own home life. The system’s clean design and ease of reconfiguration is of both aesthetic and philosophical interest to us.

Recently, we needed a new table for eating and working.

So we worked out a design based on the Matrix system—a multipurpose table built on a multipurpose system. We made the support structure out of wood and bolts recycled from a lofted Living Structure for our daughter, who now has a Low-Rider Montessori Living Structure!

We have moved away from a traditional Matrix system built on squares and are starting to modifythe shape and form to fit our various spatial needs. The table is made from a Ken Isaac’s style Matrix bottom and a found top.

The whole family can eat or work here.

Here is a video interview with Ken Isaacs so you can learn more about his work:

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