I am working on a book project about artists who work with land, the environment, plants, growing, and ecology in their artwork. I have been talking to several different cultural practitioners about why they do what they do. Some work in groups and some work on their own. Some consider themselves healers, some prefer to think of the work they do as activist, and some prefer to be called artists. In the coming months, I will be sharing snippets of the interviews I have been conducting here, in preparation for the book launch.

A few weeks ago I sat down with Cecilia Wendt and Rikke Luther of Learning Site. In various collaborations, the two women have been working with issues of land and growing since the 1990s. I talked to them about why they continue to work with these issues and the politics of aesthetics. You’ll have to read the book, coming in January 2014, to find out what they said.

One thing I can share is this avocado plant. Rikke rescued it from the compost pile, an integral part of a the Learning Site, Pedagogical Island project. The plant continues to live as it moves from compost pile on a floating island in Copenhagen’s harbor to Rikke’s new apartment in the center of the city.

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