“Kiitos” is Finnish for “thank you.” This short report is of a project we realized with Daniela Canila at Case Pyhäjoki, in Pyhäjoki, Finland, and initially posted here.

Banner installed on the side of a barn near the entry road to the Hanhikivi Cape

Daniela tracing the banner design onto the canvas

As the group at Case Pyhäjoki has gotten to know Pyhäjoki better, and the local struggle to save Hanhikvi Cape, we have learned that one of the biggest blocks to the power company moving in are the landowners along the coast who refuse to sell or rent their land to Fennovoima. Their resistance is causing a significant problem for the proposed power plant. Members of Pro Hanhikivi told us that it is around 200 households that are refusing to leave their land for nuclear power. We wanted to thank them for their determination and to let them know their struggle is significant.

Brett painting the banner

We worked with members of Pro Hanhikivi to come up with the text for the sign:  Kiitos kun kieltäydyt myymästä maitasi ydinvoimolle  [Thank you to those who do not sell their land to nuclear power]. The image that frames the text is an outline of the “Goose Rock,”  a giant erratic boulder that is an old, and enduring symbol of the cape.

Lots of help installing the banner from Helena’s husband, their friend who owns the barn

Today,  we were able to install it on the side of a barn near the home of Helena Maijala, the president of  Pro Hanhikivi. The barn belongs to Helena’s neighbor and he kindly took down an anti-nuclear Greenpeace banner that had been up for several years to put our banner up. Helena, whose hobby before fighting the nuclear power plant was racing cars, told us that the banner makes her feel like the fight against the nuclear power plant is already won.

Thanks to everyone who helped in this process: Antye, who had the original idea to thank the landowners; Daniela, Brett, and Bonnie for design and painting; Mari and Lissa for organizing and materials; and everyone else involved with Case Pyhäjoki and Pro Hanhiviki for support.

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