It’s been cold and snowy lately in Copenhagen, so I’ve been thinking about kitchen gardens (køkkenhaver). I’ve been working on a publication project with MQ friends, Micah and Rachel Bornstein. The pair is launching a small publishing imprint and I wrote a short piece on kitchen gardens, from the counter top to the backyard field. I’ve been making drawings to go along with my text and I thought I’d share some of the drawings here today. Enjoy, especially if you are dreaming about growing plants again in the spring.

A basil plant, perfect for a countertop kitchen garden.

Basil plant

We grew garlic once when we had a backyard garden. We put the bulbs in the ground in the fall and they sprouted in the spring. That was the best garlic I’ve ever eaten.



Den Fælles Køkkehave (The People’s Kitchen Garden) (2011-2012) was a public art project organized by our neighbors, YNKB in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro neighborhood. Anyone could join and grow vegetables in this raised bed “kitchen garden.”

Den Fælles Køkkenhave


Dryk Nørrebro is an ongoing urban gardening project on the roof of a local Nørrebro school. This drawing shows how Dryk gardeners grew potato plants in an old helmet.

Dryk Nørrebro potato plant


Where  and in what types of containers have you grown plants?

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