I took a bicycle tour on Sunday to explore the edge of the city. In Copenhagen, you don’t have to go very far to find the edge. You can easily move from a busy street of apartments and cafes to a long stretch of road surrounded by empty lots and warehouses. This is the case with Nordhavn (North harbor) a developing area of the city on the edge of the Østerbro (Eastbridge) neighborhood.


This sign is evidence of the city’s big plans for Nordhavn. It says Nordhavn is Copenhagen’s new neighborhood.

Snowy rocks lined the shore.

The cold harbor waters carried seaweed and plastic bags. There were several fisherman out on the docks but I only saw jellyfish.


A jellyfish in detail.

This area with parking lots and new buildings will be docking stations for cruise ships in the summer time.

Unicef building

The Unicef warehouse.

Harbor life is not complete without containers, giant metal Easter eggs of global Capital.

Dong Energy Plant

The Dong energy plant. Local politics have been consumed with the controversy over the recent sale of, formerly state owned, Dong Energy shares to Goldman Sachs.


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