Brooklyn based filmmaker and animator Akiko McQuerrey has a new film called Papa Cloudy’s Restaurant. Papa Cloudy, a mustached stuffed cloud, is known for putting his heart into everything he does, including running a restaurant focused on serving a sustainable menu. McQuerrey’s lovable Papa Cloudy character is moved to change the restaurant’s menu after he learns about overfishing from his friend Octo. Watch Octo sing about overfishing in this hand crafted animation with music by Deerhoof members, Satomi Matsuzaki and Greg Saunier.

Overfishing Song from “Papa Cloudy’s Restaurant” from Akiko McQuerrey on Vimeo.

On her website McQuerrey writes that the Papa Cloudy project began as a way for her to feel better about the world. I like that her animations, with their detailed characters, create an entry point into serious environmental issues, like overfishing with idiosyncratic but relatable stories for people of all ages. Papa Cloudy’s Restaurant makes its world premiere this month at the BAM Film Festival.

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