I visited Republikken for the first time, like many other people in Copenhagen, to have a meeting.  Republikken is the kind of space where people have meetings. It has a coffee bar, long wooden benches and counters with people working steadily on laptops. Several open workshops in the back on view where a vinyl plotter, a 3-D printer, and a laser cutter can all be accessed.  Republikken is part of the international maker/hacker space movement. It is also part of the “creative class” trend with shared workspaces for freelance people working in design, art, and startups can have a co-working space outside the home.  I am interested to see how co-working spaces will evolve and what kind of workplaces we can expect in the future.

Starting today Republikken is hosting a three day Maker Weekend in collaboration with Dreamups and Idemolab. They  also partnered with a similar space from Berlin– Betahaus to host this three day series of workshops from a Hackathon to laser cutting workshops to design software mini-courses. All this combined with networking/hangout events every evening, the weekend should be a fun time for  locals interested in seeing what the global maker/hacker phenomena is all about.



Here are the particulars should be you want to attend:

Friday 28th Feb – Sunday 2nd March with special guests Uffe Elbæk, Jesper Koefoed-Melson, and Laura Wats.

For tickets, head to Eventbrite. For event news got to Facebook and here is Republikken’s Facebook link and their Twitter handle is:@Republikken.


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