This beautiful and simple children’s book by Iela Mari was given to our daughter for her birthday. It is now one of her favorites.

Der var engang et søpindsvin... Iela Mari | Mythological Quarter


Originally printed in Germany under the title Ein seeigel und was daraus wird, it was translated into Danish and printed by Martin Berg, as der var engang et søpindsvin in 1974.

Der var engagn et søpindsvin... Iela Mari | Mythological Quarter


The flat imagery captures the ways in which children try and make sense of a world that is new to them. For a child, who is seeing things for the first time, it follows that  a sea anemone could be a hedgehog or a flock of flamingos a grove of trees.



Each page flows graphically into the next, creating a minimal but imaginative space.

A snake becomes a necklace…




A hat becomes a volcano…




A pinwheel becomes a flower… and so on…




Book credits:

Danish translation of Ein seeigel und was daraus wird by Martin Berg. Printed by Bergs Forlag, 1974

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