We’ve been building A. a new bed. We wanted it to be a bed of dreams! It had to be a place for her to tuck in and hide. I remember cubby holes and hiding places being the best when I was small. The bed area would double as her bedroom in the corner of ours. We live in a small apartment in a city with expensive real estate, so our office is in what maybe should be her bedroom, but we are not ready to move our workspace. Her bed also had to have a place to store her toys and books plus some hooks for hanging things. It needed a mattress and a new duvet cover. It should also have a lamp to read by. A tall order, but we came up with a solution.

Treehouse Bed | Mythological Quarter

Over several weeks we gathered materials–scrap wood, found mattress, an old lamp at a flea market, and some pretty fabric at another flea market. Brett put together the frame one weekend and added to it over several more. He often had help while he worked.

The result is a tiered side that lets A. peek down on us but duck down and hide if she wants.

Treehouse Bed | Mythological Quarter

A ladder to climb up…

Treehouse Bed | Mythological Quarter   

A book shelf with a growing collection of books and a funny, octopus hook.

Treehouse Bed | Mythological Quarter

The Treehouse Bed of Dreams is now done, a new addition to our house of handmade things.

Treehouse Bed | Mythological Quarter

A. likes to play up there–climbing up and down the ladder–but so far she hasn’t slept there. A project for another day.

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  1. Scott Rigby says:

    Glad you guys made this together – she looks so happy! Semi-nomadic furniture FTW!

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