The MQ spent last week in London, the largest city in the EU. London’s population hits over 8 million, but what about its wildlife? We didn’t see much beyond pigeons in the central part of the city where we were staying, but our friends who live in South and East London say they see foxes all the time. Then on our last day in the city, Brett saw a fox walking down the middle of the road!

I got a chance to walk through the constructed nature of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens divided by the Serpentine River, which was created in 1730 for Queen Caroline. The artificial river boasts a bird island where several species of birds make their home including Mandarin ducks, Tufted ducks, and Comorants. Artist, Serena Vivian-Neal has created a plaque to help visitors identify the diverse bird species living in the middle of London. It was a nice break from the concrete and shopping hordes on Oxford Street to step in to Hyde Park and do some birdwatching.

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