This week’s link round up focuses on design and art projects that help, improve, or shape the environment. Do you think they work?

  • Ocean cleanup, is it possible?  A young designer has generated a possible solution to the massive amount of plastic floating in the ocean.
  • Food shortage? No problem just re-engineer what people are able to digest, so that eating grass is possible.
  • Wild Parks? A Dutch designer is creating wild spaces that attract humans and non-humans alike.
  • Carbon Veil? Prolific artist and friend to the environment and the MQ, Buster Simpson designed a curtain, that reminds us of carbon emissions, for an airport parking garage ramp in Seattle.
  • Music for hospitals? Brian Eno has composed music for Montefiore Hospital in Hove, England. Many thanks to Chris Fremantle at eco/art/scot/land for calling our attention to this.
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