It is possible to grow more edible things indoors than the odd basil plant on your window sill.
For example, blackberries!

When we first moved to Copenhagen, we lived near a part of the city where blackberry bushes grow on the side of the road. Before we moved to our new apartment, we dug up a small blackberry plant to see how it would do inside. So far, so good. We had our first blackberry harvest on Friday and have been putting them on cereal all weekend.

The blackberry plant is doing well in the moderate sunlight of our front window. It grows in a medium-sized, black bucket with holes drilled in the bottom.
bucket o' berries
It does not seem to be getting much taller, but it is putting out leaves and fruit. Having fresh blackberries is my incentive to see what other types of foods we can grown indoors. Potatoes? Carrots? Maybe lettuce?

berry close


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