Last Friday, I went over to Malmö for the opening of Flora & Friends at the Skånes Konstförening. This tiny, independently run artspace above a paint store on outskirts of Malmö often has good exhibitions. It gives artists and students working with experimental projects a place to exhibit. Artist/curator, Jeanette Land Schou put together this exhibition primarily about plants and photography. I went to see the work of Mythological Quarter friend, Åsa Sonjasdotter who has been working with the ways in which agriculture can reveal power structures, lost history, and the limits of national identity for several years in her Potato Perspective projects. Åsa showed photographs and potatoes from the work she is doing breeding a microlocal strand of potato,  perfectly suited for the climate and growing conditions in Berlin’s Prinzessinnengarten, a community garden in the Brandenburg neighborhood. 

Other artists included: Finn Larsen, Tal R, and Tomas Gilljam.


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